Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) Degree

Accelerate your career with a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership

To become the leader you are meant to be, you must first know who you are. 在MSOL程序中, you’ll explore what makes you tick — addressing any imposter syndrome and leaning into your strengths to become the authentic and inclusive leader any organization would want. While earning your MSOL degree you will gain the confidence and skills you’ll need to take on leadership roles in companies of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to change fields or move up the ladder at your current company, earning your master’s degree will open doors to more opportunities for advancement and higher earning potential.

Don’t just become the boss — become a leader

在MSOL程序中, you’ll be surrounded by peers in various stages of their own careers — their diverse backgrounds and work experiences will help you develop a well-rounded perspective of different types of leaders and their various points of view. Goodwin’s MSOL program is a cohort program, meaning you’ll start and finish the program with the same group of peers — developing deeper connections that heighten your collaboration and learning.

When you join the MSOL program, you’ll be bringing a lifetime’s worth of experience to the table. Whether you are well-established in your career, 不断变化的领域, or returning to the workforce after an extended absence, Goodwin’s faculty invites you to bring your life experience into the classroom.


现在, 更甚于以往, companies need leaders who understand what it takes to develop and lead teams that will meet and surpass their organization’s goals. 用你的硕士学位, you’ll join a community of forward-thinking and innovative leaders who embrace people’s differences and know how to foster a team dynamic where everyone feels valued and contributes. In this program, you will learn the secret to becoming an effective and committed leader. You’ll develop the skills and experience to make a positive impact on the culture of your organization.

Gain valuable hands-on experience

During your 15-week capstone, you can choose between an independent research project or collaborating with a group of your peers to create a training program for real employees at a local organization. Goodwin partners with local companies to allow MSOL students the opportunity to practice their leadership and training skills by building a program that the company will use for training and development. No matter what you choose for your capstone, this experience will give you advanced skills and knowledge you can take with you to accelerate your career growth.

Flexible options designed for busy working professionals

Goodwin’s MSOL program can be completed in as few as 20 months part-time. You can choose between a fully online MSOL degree or a hybrid program where you can work face-to-face with your faculty and peers for some of your coursework. Classes start in the fall or spring and go year-round.

At Goodwin, you can earn your MSOL degree in one of two ways:


Taking classes fully online saves you time and fits better into a busy schedule. At Goodwin, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience. Through our interactive online discussion boards, you will collaborate and communicate with your peers and Goodwin’s faculty remotely while engaging in discussions and debates about the class materials.

Hybrid (online and on-campus) classes

澳门葡京真人赌场开户知道你很忙, so we’ve designed our MSOL program with accelerated 7-week sessions and a 15-week capstone. Our hybrid class format offers the best of both worlds with online coursework and on-campus classes. In the hybrid MSOL program, you’ll come to campus once a week and do the online coursework on your own time.

Learn from Goodwin’s expert faculty

Goodwin’s faculty are completely invested in your success and don’t expect you to complete this journey alone. 古德温有 支持服务 to help you finish your master’s degree and advance your career to new heights. Don’t forget to check out 这些博客文章 about earning your MSOL degree by Dr. Sandi Coyne-Gilbert, MSOL Director.


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